Get a 2nd Look Tax Review

2nd Look Tax Review

After tax season, we all ask to ourselves, “Did I get the maximum refund I’m entitled to?” That’s where a 2nd look tax review from Lucia CPA comes in. We can look at your tax returns up to 3 years to see if you deserve more money back. Your money you can use to pay off bills, build savings or buy something nice.

How Does Second Look Work?

It’s easy! Simply come into our office for a Free Consultation with a professional here at Lucia CPA and we’ll work with you to find out if you deserve a larger tax refund. When you come in, be sure to bring in your tax returns you’ve filed online or with someone else over the last 3 years. For each year, we’ll go back in time and see whether we can apply tax credits and deductions to your refund you may have missed. If we find anything missing, we can refile your returns immediately, so you can get your hands on the money you deserve.

What May Be Missing from Your Tax Returns?

Unless you make it your livelihood to prepare taxes, you probably don’t keep up with the ever-changing tax code from year to year. There’s a lot of deductions on your tax return if you’re preparing your taxes yourself. This includes:

  • Missing Education Credits

    As a student or a parent of a student, you may be able to take full advantage of the American Opportunity Credit (AOC). It’s a big tax refund up to $2,500 for those paying tuition. Let a professional take a look and see if you qualify for AOC, as errors are common for those who filed without help.

  • Overlooked Earned Income Tax Credit

    The Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) is a refundable credit not many know how to take advantage of correctly. In 2016, the maximum EITC refund was $6,269. That’s a lot of money. Qualifying for this tax credit depends on your income, marital status and number of children. During your 2nd look review we’ll go over your qualifications for the EITC.

  • Filing Status

    Have you recently seen a change in marital status or in filing status (individual or joint)? If you have and didn’t record it correctly the first time, you may be eligible for a bigger refund.

Our goal at Lucia CPA is to get back to you the money you worked yearlong for. That starts by taking a 2nd look at your tax returns and dedicating ourselves to finding the deductions and credits you may have missed the first time. We look forward to getting you the maximum tax refund you deserve!

We’re not your ordinary bean counters!

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