Get a 2nd Look Tax Review

2nd Look Tax Review

After tax season, we all ask to ourselves, “Did I get the maximum refund I’m entitled to?” That’s where a 2nd look tax review from Lucia CPA comes in. We can look at your tax returns up to 3 years to see if you deserve more money back. Your money you can use to pay off bills, build savings or buy something nice.

Growing Your Small Business in California

Woman in her Small Spice Shop

Finding success through a small business in California can be an adventurous task. To be able to succeed in the business world, you need to be able to have many skills including good planning and organization. Running a business is much more than just turning on the lights in the morning and counting stock, you need to be able to manage everything and anything related to your business.

Below are the steps you need to take in order for your business to reach success.

Taking Control of Your Business’ Profitiability

Business Profitability

The reason why many businesses don’t go past the starting stage is because they do not know how to make profits without having to increase costs. In fact, once you have realized that every aspect of your business is doing well yet you cannot seem to make profit, you should place a very big question mark on your expenses. You need to start cutting on costs so you can realize an improvement in your profits. 

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Bookkeeping and Accounting Testimonials

  • "Working with Lucia & Company has been really great and has really helped our company. Lori is wonderful and we are very thankful for her services! Thank you, guys!"

    - Mark L.
  • "I have used Lucia and company for over 15 years.  They are excellent."

    - Lonno G.
  • "Lauri and her team are very professional, and knowledgeable when it comes our accounting needs.  In addition, they go above and beyond for our business/personal tax services. "

    - Darren L.
  • "This team has been taking care of my needs both professionally and personally for 30 years. They are professional and competent. I strongly recommend them."

    - Adam H.
  • "If you need an accountant, help with quickbooks, or advice on setting up your books, this is the firm to go to.  Laurie and her staff are quick and thorough -- they go above and beyond the call of service."

    - Jacki E.

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